How To Get Stains Out Of Your New Cashmere Poncho

You open up your presents on Christmas morning to find that you have received the cashmere poncho you have been eyeing. You are thrilled as this sweater-like top is stylish, trendy and can help to keep you toasty warm. You decide to show it off and wear it for Christmas dinner. However, your mood dampens […]

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Invited To Your First Cocktail Party? Now What?

If you’ve just received an invitation to your first formal cocktail party, you may be experiencing a complex mix of emotions — excitement, anticipation, glee, and anxiety. Although these parties are glamorous and fun, they can also be intimidating for a first-timer, particularly if you aren’t sure of the ins and outs of formal party […]

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3 Non-Surgical Strategies To Fight Aging Skin

Getting older isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With age comes wisdom, experience, and certain privileges. Unfortunately, it also comes with wrinkles and age spots. No one really wants to look like they’re getting older, even if they don’t mind reaping the benefits of age. If you’re noticing that your skin isn’t as smooth and clear […]

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Where To Buy Diamonds In Salt Lake City UT

There are any number of places to buy diamonds in Salt Lake City UT, and certain times of the year, many jewelers do quite well in sales. Christmastime is one. Valentine’s Day is another. There are a few moments considered to be the most romantic of all, and that is when diamonds in the form […]

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